Marvel 1984


London, September 20th 1984.

Eve and Agosto show up at the address they were given. There are many children waiting to try out, including a boy named Colin (who can mimic any sound that he hears), a girl wearing a full body cover who introduces herself as Megan, and a young blonde woman named Elsa. Everyone is tested using a danger room like simulation environment which uses robots. Eve, Agosto, Elsa, and Megan make it on the team. Colin is told that he can receive training for his abilities, and that he may re-apply at a later time (since he is actually too young to join at the time).

After the trial exercise, the successful youths are taken into the Captain Britain Corp light house facility, where they were set up with dormitory style rooms. Capt Britain unmasks himself, and tells them to call him Brian. The kids realize that Brian is in fact, about 19 (3-4 years older than them). He assigns Eve to be the trainee of the Dazzler, Agosto to be the trainee of Peter Wisdom, Elsa is assigned to the Black Knight, and Megan is assigned to Union Jack. The team meets (briefly) with the members of the Captain Britain Corp, including Captain Britain, Union Jack, the Black Knight, Peter Wisdom, the Dazzler, and “Bee” who is the pilot, sidekick, and little sister of Captain Britain.



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