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Balance Of Power Part 1

Bee and Eve retire to their shared room to play a muted and subdued game of truth or dare. Nothing like the possibility of the restless undead to RUIN a perfectly good slumber party.. While Agosto (who is in his room by himself) timidly perches on the edge of his 4-poster bed in his sleep pants. Agosto, already nervous, hears a strange rustling sound in the bushes below his window. He immediately hides in his closet.

Eve and Bee, hear the sound of something thumping around in Agosto’s room. They then rush over to see what’s going on, and notice that his room is a complete mess, and there’s a piece of cloth stuck in the door to his closet. Upon opening it, Agosto tumbles out with a very horrified expression on his face. The girls, similarly horrified but for different reasons, force Agosto to wear an extra “Dazzler” t-shirt over his bare chest before they head out onto the grounds. Agosto pretends to be completely offended, though Bee is in fact.. telepathic.

Bee, Eve, and Agosto then head out the window and onto the grounds only to find that Elsa is preparing a boat in order to leave early. She explains that the wards on the house are still intact, but that they’re under significant stress and will not hold throughout the night unless something is done to fix the wards on the grounds.

Their first stop is a small gated cemetary that has the groundkeeper’s shack. Eve and Agosto notice a wayward cow, and they point the animal out to Bee. While the 3 are giggling loudly about the possibility of it being a vampire cow, the zombie groundskeeper shambles up behind Elsa and impales her on his shovel.


Is this game still running? Supers campaigns are more fun to read than fantasy, IMHO, and I hate to see them disappear.

Balance Of Power Part 1

Yes, I have about 6mos of back entries to enter before I’m up-to-date on this campaign.. Which is still currently running, though with some variations in group lineup.

Balance Of Power Part 1

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