Marvel 1984

Something's Amiss on the Mississippi

London, October 29th 1984.

Elsa is found packing, late at night, by her roommate Eve. When asked what she is doing, she replies (tersely) that her cousin is in danger and that she must go to help her. Eve goes to find Agosto and they ask if they can be allowed to help her in protecting her cousin. Elsa agrees, but asks that they help her convince Bee to pilot them to New Orleans. After little convincing, Bee excitedly agrees to go along, as long as no one mentions the trip to her brother.

The flight is long, even though the plane is an extremely fast government prototype, and on the way Eve attempts to engage the others in a game of Truth or Dare. Bee and Agosto happily play along, while Elsa quietly fumes in the background.

The four teens arrive at a delapitated mansion surrounded by swamp land, and partially sinking on the east wing into the bog. Inside there is a pale, frightened looking teenage girl who resembles Elsa – named Katherine. She sets the team up with rooms, and asks them over dinner to listen as she recounts what has happened to her mother, who was the widow of Elsa’s paternal uncle. In short, she has gone missing from her crypt, which was located on the Mansion grounds. Katherine fears that her mother’s body has been desicrated and that the wards which protected the family cemetary are no longer intact. Elsa appears concerned after this discussion, and when the others question her in more detail, she admits that her family is from a long line of supernatural creature hunters. If the wards are no longer active, there may be powerful forces behind it. Elsa, as an orphan and as the sole bearer of the Bloodstone, must help her cousin Katherine to secure the house and grounds before something horrible happens (to the remaining members of Elsa’s family, and to the balance between the land of the living and the land of the dead).

Somewhat overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation, Elsa and the others decide to check the cemetary wards on the following morning, and Elsa leaves the others in their rooms to go check the wards on the Mansion itself.



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