Marvel 1984

Moving Into the Mansion

London, October 1st 1984.

Agosto and Eve relocate to the newly built Captain Britain Corp Mansion facility along with the rest of the Corp. They are sent out on a supervised mission to investigate a small time crime syndicate, along with the Black Knight. The Crime Boss they confronted had in his possession a mind control ring – which he used to control the Black Knight. The Black Knight then proceeded to batter his teammates physically, which resulted in Eve getting lightly stabbed (by him) in the stomach.

Elsa then began to fight the Black Knight, while Agosto was engaged in fisticuffs with a criminal who introduced himself as Slappy. The trademark fighting style of Slappy.. involved having enormous hands, which he would use to attack others while delivering his catch phrase: What’d the 5 fingers say to the face?! SLAP!

The Crime Boss also used a cane which could fire bolts of energy, which he used against Eve after she regained her senses and began fighting him.

Elsa and the Black Knight stopped bickering and joined the fray, helping to defeat the Crime Boss (who the Black Knight also stabbed in the stomach, except more forcefully), Slappy, and Ms Numbers (a duplicating but overall ineffective combatant).

Upon returning to the Mansion, the Black Knight was removed from any further solo team instruction, and Eve’s stomach wound was taken care of.



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