Marvel 1984

The Beginning

London, September 9th 1984.

The first day of classes at a private school, and there’s got to be something going wrong, right? A brood ship crash lands, crashing through big ben and spurting alien invaders along the streets and rooftops of the city. An untold amount of rubble streaks through the skies to strike, of all places, the parking lot of St Catherines School. At that exact moment, Eve Gardner and Agosto daCosta are hopping into a friend’s VW beetle to cut class. Having never met before, and also having no idea about their true parentage, they are both taken completely by surprise as their car is flattened by a passing chunk of extraterrestrial debris.

Eve, a quiet and bookish blond girl who participates in the robotics club and who has just transferred here from California, has no idea why she is lifting the monolithic chunk of space-trash which has destroyed the shabby little VW bug she was riding in.

Agosto, a poorly socialized 80’s london goth, finds himself sooty black and pinwheeling out of control through the air with the VW as a speck behind him. Black kirby dots and an overall chromatic nimbus surrounds him as he rushes back to save his friends. All of which are dead, except Eve, the new girl.

The aliens are put down that afternoon, by the teens and by the existing superheroes of the city – some of which seem to notice the new kids in town. Most notably is Captain Britain himself, who briefly takes the two teens aside to speak with them. Eve and Agosto are invited to join the Captain Britain Corp Training Program and given a card with a number to call the following day.

As soon as the teens walk back to their respective homes, they are greeted with two very different reactions. Eve’s mother Misti and stepfather Himdahl confides in her daughter, and says that Eve is the daughter of Odin. Eve takes it pretty well, for someone who has just fainted. Agosto on the other hand tells his adoptive single mother about his powers manifesting and she simply states that her job is complete, the house is paid for only for 2 more days, and “don’t try to contact me again because I was just doing what I was told” all before verbally activating a teleport to a ship in orbit.



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