Jay Guthrie

"...there was so much light, the birds were singing as I flew here... confused by your brilliance into thinking the sun had already risen."


Icarus is™ Marvel Comics. Created by Bill Mantlo, William Johnson. He has been used in this campaign as a non-player character. Portrait art from the cover to Uncanny X-Men #438 (Jan. 2004). Pencils by Salvador Larroca.


Family History: Jay is the son of blue-collar Thomas and Lucinda Guthrie. Thomas dies early in Jay’s life due to ‘black lung’, caught in the local coal mines. Several of Jay’s siblings have the mutant gene as well, though they have not been extensively mentioned in this campaign thus far.

Powers: Red-colored, feathered angel-like wings allow flight and produce extensive regenerative enzymes allowing him to recover from normally fatal injuries; his voice is capable of producing sonic frequency beyond the range of human capability as well as creating multiple sounds or voices at once.

Current Whereabouts: Left the team to escape capture by so-called mutant preservationists after the events of M day. He has been living under the protection of Vatican City, and it is surmised that he has become a priest (denomination unclear) during this time. He was last seen in a dreamscape, where he was seen to have eyes which were completely white. This may indicate that he is now blind. He was seen to be wearing a red vicar-style coat, with a black cross painted on his face across his eyes and down his nose and mouth.

Current Goals: Nothing is currently known about the motivations of this character.

Jay Guthrie

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