Viktor Mxyzptlk

"The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now.”


Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Reflexes, Probability Alteration, slightly imporved healing rate, extremely athletic, attractive, and quick-witted for a normal male human of his weight and height.

Drawbacks: Powers consume health whenever activated, extreme metabolic input required to counteract. White hair, skin, eyes (pupil, iris, etc), muscle tissue and internal organs. Easily controlled by olfactory signals (pheramones).

This character is now deceased, and has been sighted as a ghost. He has all of the characteristics of a ghost, and residual abilities from his powers during life.

(Picture is™ Metal Gear Solid:2.)


Viktor was troubled youth. Agosto did things to alter his genetic code and his memories, and he’s never been the same since. 3 clones of the original exist, one was found dead in england, and another died in brazil at the hands of the U-Men, whereabouts of the last clone (or any sleepers) are unknown. The Viktor found dead in Brazil is thought to be the original unit which was part of the team. The only part of his body which was found by the police was his ribcage – everything else had been harvested by the U-Men.

Previously in the campaign he was known as a jokester, avid swearer, and veteran soldier. His militant mentality arises from his origins in a Cold War Weapon Plus (Weapon V) project conducted in the USSR. He and his clones were frozen at the end of the project’s “usefulness” to the war effort, and was only later thawed by a sympathetic Captain America along with the other models. (This sympathetic attitude was due to Captain America’s experience with the Winter Soldier, who turned out to be his former sidekick Bucky. )

Viktor Mxyzptlk

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