Brian Braddock


As a teenager, Brian Braddock was fascinated by the World War II super-soldier Captain America, even hanging a poster of the hero in his room at Fettes College, his Edinburgh boarding school.

With scientific aptitude to match that of his bio-engineer father, Sir James Braddock, Brian eventually joined him at the Dome in Brussels, working for the newly formed European Defense Initiative’s super-soldier program. Brian worked on designing an exo-suit which could enhance the wearer’s abilities, and perfected it at the age of 17. He then took the codename Captain Britain and was stationed in the UK in order to deal with “extraordinary” threats. He was given authority to create his own team of super powered individuals, and quickly assembled what was to be called “Captain Britain Corp” by the British media.

Captain Britain’s exo-suit allows him to fly at supersonic speeds and enhances his physical attributes, giving him superhuman strength), endurance and durability.

Brian Braddock

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