Bobby daCosta

"Careful Bobby, you're strong, not invulnerable!"


Sunspot is™ Marvel Comics. Created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod.

A Brazilian mutant, Sunspot possesses the ability to absorb and channel solar power. He is idealistic and impulsive, but is considered a close friend of many of his teammates.

His cells have the ability to absorb solar energy and convert it to various purposes. At will, he is able to take on a superhuman “powered up” form that is entirely nonreflective black, save for his eyes which turn a solid bright white. Originally, Sunspot’s superhuman power was limited solely to superhuman strength, and then only in his solar form. Unlike many superhumanly strong heroes, Sunspot was unique in that he had no superhuman resistance to injury, and was not bulletproof by any means.


Sunspot is Roberto da Costa, a Brazilian male, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He is the son of wealthy businessman Emmanuel da Costa and archaeologist Nina da Costa. Despite becoming one of the most influential people in the Brazilian economic and political scene, Emmanuel always had time for Roberto; they were more like best friends than father and son. However, Emmanuel always relentlessly drove Roberto to be well-educated, decisive, strong and ruthless; Emmanuel had every intention of making Roberto into a worthy heir for his business empire.

Bobby’s hobbies include soccer, and watching Magnum PI. Bobby currently remains as one of the 198 still empowered mutants and the Lord Imperial.

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Bobby daCosta

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