AICS (aka "Axe")

Also known as TOY-AICS later.


Artificial Intelligence Computer System (AICS) of the Canadian branch of Captain Britain Corp, aka (new) Alpha Flight.


AICs is somewhat snarky, yet extremely eager to please. AICS and Isaac became fast friends, and so when the opportunity presented itself, AICS was more than pleased to take a more tangible form (the damaged android “BOYTOY”). This made AICS change its name to TOY-AICS as the two artificial intelligence personalities merged.

TOY-AICS now travels with Isaac, and the two are obviously more than friends, however neither will discuss their relationship with humanoids.

TOY-AICS is effectively genderless, as it has a neutral tone voice, no outward affectations of gender, and no interest in proclaiming itself to be of a specific gender designation.

AICS (aka "Axe")

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