Agosto DaCosta

A science experiment slash musician slash hero


+4 defense, +4 toughness, +5 tohit melee (+4 ranged);

str 20 dex 18 con 12 int 14 wis 13 cha 14

saves: fort +1, reflex +7, will +5

wears an armoured bodysuit, sometimes wields a sword. powers: superstrength (2 ranks), flight (3 ranks), force field (6 ranks) with an alternate power: create object, regeneration (2 ranks), immunity (8 ranks), super-senses (2 ranks)

feats: move-by action, attack focus (melee), attractive II, dodge focus II, equipment I, benefit I, evasion, improved initiative

skills: Acrobatics 6 (+10), Bluff 3 (+5/13), Computers 3 (+5), Craft: Tailoring 4 (+6), Diplomacy 2 (+4/12), Disguise 2 (+4), Drive 1 (+5), Gather Info 2 (+4/12), Intimidate 4 (+6), Knowledge: Tactics 3 (+5), Knowledge: Technology 1 (+3), Knowledge: Streetwise 2 (+4), Knolwedge: Biology 6 (+8), Knoweldge: Physics 1 (+3), Medicine 6 (+7), Notice 6 (+7)

Skill bonuses listed after the slash incorporate the bonus value for the Attractive feat.


Agosto was born in a tube, implanted with fake memories, and dropped off with a foster mother in London in 1982 or ‘83. Agosto had a crisis of gender for quite some time, until the mage that crafted his gender-switching spell either canned it or died, rendering him male once more. He has (FINALLY) come to terms with his maleness, though he is still a little fancy. Despite being physiologically male, he has distinct pheromone markers that indicate him – to creatures with sensitive noses – as being (essentially) a queen bee (ie, he smells female). Currently, he dresses and styles herself like a character from a silent movie. He was taught personal combat maneuvers by the Black Knight, Peter Wisdom, Captain Britain and (later) Wolverine. However, He can be extremely reckless – which is especially problematic as he is immensely strong and resilient himself, and though he tries to be conscientious of the civilian pop, sometimes things go wrong. He would have to wear a nitrogen inhaler to compensate for Earth’s atmospheric concentration if it weren’t for his innate recycling of his own air supply, as otherwise he would be asthmatic.

Agosto is something of a London goth and is secretly an enormous fan of the Dazzler. He had a short-lived relationship with Psylocke and Victor Mxyzptlk and is currently seeing a half-Russian-supersoldier, half-Portuguese woman named Natalia. He is fearful of, but respects (on some levels) his creator, Spiral. Agosto will typically not speak Spiral’s name, as to do so might summon her.

He has something of an overblown sense of responsibility and has a great deal of guilt over the three (or six) people he’s killed in the course of “heroing”. As a result, he can be very cautious and perhaps somewhat timid as he doesn’t want to do anyone any grievous injury.

He considers Eve Odinsdottir his best friend, though he’d like to think he’s extremely close friends with all of her teammates. (Realistically, they probably all think he’s a ponce-y wierdie.)

His living relatives (aka, gene-sampled individuals or relatives of gene-sampled individuals) that he is aware of are Roberto DaCosta (Sunspot), Genis-Vell, Phyla-Vell and Teddy Altman, and a Kree dressmaker named Lal-ell.

He has adopted a very young, recently-defrosted Russian experiment who he’s named Rudy V. Rudy is a medium of some variety, and can call on the dead for knowledge, or simply to fetch and carry.

Agosto speaks fluent English and Portuguese, and serviceably speaks Kree. Sort of Kree-bonics.

Agosto DaCosta

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