Marvel 1984

Balance Of Power Part 2

...Description of events to be continued when the DM has time..

Balance Of Power Part 1

Bee and Eve retire to their shared room to play a muted and subdued game of truth or dare. Nothing like the possibility of the restless undead to RUIN a perfectly good slumber party.. While Agosto (who is in his room by himself) timidly perches on the edge of his 4-poster bed in his sleep pants. Agosto, already nervous, hears a strange rustling sound in the bushes below his window. He immediately hides in his closet.

Eve and Bee, hear the sound of something thumping around in Agosto’s room. They then rush over to see what’s going on, and notice that his room is a complete mess, and there’s a piece of cloth stuck in the door to his closet. Upon opening it, Agosto tumbles out with a very horrified expression on his face. The girls, similarly horrified but for different reasons, force Agosto to wear an extra “Dazzler” t-shirt over his bare chest before they head out onto the grounds. Agosto pretends to be completely offended, though Bee is in fact.. telepathic.

Bee, Eve, and Agosto then head out the window and onto the grounds only to find that Elsa is preparing a boat in order to leave early. She explains that the wards on the house are still intact, but that they’re under significant stress and will not hold throughout the night unless something is done to fix the wards on the grounds.

Their first stop is a small gated cemetary that has the groundkeeper’s shack. Eve and Agosto notice a wayward cow, and they point the animal out to Bee. While the 3 are giggling loudly about the possibility of it being a vampire cow, the zombie groundskeeper shambles up behind Elsa and impales her on his shovel.

Something's Amiss on the Mississippi

London, October 29th 1984.

Elsa is found packing, late at night, by her roommate Eve. When asked what she is doing, she replies (tersely) that her cousin is in danger and that she must go to help her. Eve goes to find Agosto and they ask if they can be allowed to help her in protecting her cousin. Elsa agrees, but asks that they help her convince Bee to pilot them to New Orleans. After little convincing, Bee excitedly agrees to go along, as long as no one mentions the trip to her brother.

The flight is long, even though the plane is an extremely fast government prototype, and on the way Eve attempts to engage the others in a game of Truth or Dare. Bee and Agosto happily play along, while Elsa quietly fumes in the background.

The four teens arrive at a delapitated mansion surrounded by swamp land, and partially sinking on the east wing into the bog. Inside there is a pale, frightened looking teenage girl who resembles Elsa – named Katherine. She sets the team up with rooms, and asks them over dinner to listen as she recounts what has happened to her mother, who was the widow of Elsa’s paternal uncle. In short, she has gone missing from her crypt, which was located on the Mansion grounds. Katherine fears that her mother’s body has been desicrated and that the wards which protected the family cemetary are no longer intact. Elsa appears concerned after this discussion, and when the others question her in more detail, she admits that her family is from a long line of supernatural creature hunters. If the wards are no longer active, there may be powerful forces behind it. Elsa, as an orphan and as the sole bearer of the Bloodstone, must help her cousin Katherine to secure the house and grounds before something horrible happens (to the remaining members of Elsa’s family, and to the balance between the land of the living and the land of the dead).

Somewhat overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation, Elsa and the others decide to check the cemetary wards on the following morning, and Elsa leaves the others in their rooms to go check the wards on the Mansion itself.

Moving Into the Mansion

London, October 1st 1984.

Agosto and Eve relocate to the newly built Captain Britain Corp Mansion facility along with the rest of the Corp. They are sent out on a supervised mission to investigate a small time crime syndicate, along with the Black Knight. The Crime Boss they confronted had in his possession a mind control ring – which he used to control the Black Knight. The Black Knight then proceeded to batter his teammates physically, which resulted in Eve getting lightly stabbed (by him) in the stomach.

Elsa then began to fight the Black Knight, while Agosto was engaged in fisticuffs with a criminal who introduced himself as Slappy. The trademark fighting style of Slappy.. involved having enormous hands, which he would use to attack others while delivering his catch phrase: What’d the 5 fingers say to the face?! SLAP!

The Crime Boss also used a cane which could fire bolts of energy, which he used against Eve after she regained her senses and began fighting him.

Elsa and the Black Knight stopped bickering and joined the fray, helping to defeat the Crime Boss (who the Black Knight also stabbed in the stomach, except more forcefully), Slappy, and Ms Numbers (a duplicating but overall ineffective combatant).

Upon returning to the Mansion, the Black Knight was removed from any further solo team instruction, and Eve’s stomach wound was taken care of.


London, September 20th 1984.

Eve and Agosto show up at the address they were given. There are many children waiting to try out, including a boy named Colin (who can mimic any sound that he hears), a girl wearing a full body cover who introduces herself as Megan, and a young blonde woman named Elsa. Everyone is tested using a danger room like simulation environment which uses robots. Eve, Agosto, Elsa, and Megan make it on the team. Colin is told that he can receive training for his abilities, and that he may re-apply at a later time (since he is actually too young to join at the time).

After the trial exercise, the successful youths are taken into the Captain Britain Corp light house facility, where they were set up with dormitory style rooms. Capt Britain unmasks himself, and tells them to call him Brian. The kids realize that Brian is in fact, about 19 (3-4 years older than them). He assigns Eve to be the trainee of the Dazzler, Agosto to be the trainee of Peter Wisdom, Elsa is assigned to the Black Knight, and Megan is assigned to Union Jack. The team meets (briefly) with the members of the Captain Britain Corp, including Captain Britain, Union Jack, the Black Knight, Peter Wisdom, the Dazzler, and “Bee” who is the pilot, sidekick, and little sister of Captain Britain.

The Beginning

London, September 9th 1984.

The first day of classes at a private school, and there’s got to be something going wrong, right? A brood ship crash lands, crashing through big ben and spurting alien invaders along the streets and rooftops of the city. An untold amount of rubble streaks through the skies to strike, of all places, the parking lot of St Catherines School. At that exact moment, Eve Gardner and Agosto daCosta are hopping into a friend’s VW beetle to cut class. Having never met before, and also having no idea about their true parentage, they are both taken completely by surprise as their car is flattened by a passing chunk of extraterrestrial debris.

Eve, a quiet and bookish blond girl who participates in the robotics club and who has just transferred here from California, has no idea why she is lifting the monolithic chunk of space-trash which has destroyed the shabby little VW bug she was riding in.

Agosto, a poorly socialized 80’s london goth, finds himself sooty black and pinwheeling out of control through the air with the VW as a speck behind him. Black kirby dots and an overall chromatic nimbus surrounds him as he rushes back to save his friends. All of which are dead, except Eve, the new girl.

The aliens are put down that afternoon, by the teens and by the existing superheroes of the city – some of which seem to notice the new kids in town. Most notably is Captain Britain himself, who briefly takes the two teens aside to speak with them. Eve and Agosto are invited to join the Captain Britain Corp Training Program and given a card with a number to call the following day.

As soon as the teens walk back to their respective homes, they are greeted with two very different reactions. Eve’s mother Misti and stepfather Himdahl confides in her daughter, and says that Eve is the daughter of Odin. Eve takes it pretty well, for someone who has just fainted. Agosto on the other hand tells his adoptive single mother about his powers manifesting and she simply states that her job is complete, the house is paid for only for 2 more days, and “don’t try to contact me again because I was just doing what I was told” all before verbally activating a teleport to a ship in orbit.


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