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Original Party Members:

Eve Gardner – daughter of Odin and his handmaiden Misti
  • Powers: Super Strength, Flight (gliding only), Weather Control (Wind, Cold, Storm effects), Magic Spear and Armor, Growth (range between 50-30ft tall. Flaw: permanent), Command of Valhalla’s warriors.
  • Skills: Robotics, Mechanics, Knowledge (various highschool subjects), Computer Use
  • Player: Jack NPC currently

Agosto deCosta – Test tube baby of intergalactic origin
  • Powers: Super Agility/Strength, Flight, Force Field, Regeneration (direct sunlight only), Ability to Project Force Fields and manipulate his Force Field into different simple shapes.
  • Skills: Fashion Design, Fencing, Soccer, and Knowledge of Tactics
  • Player: Chris

Second Wave Party Members:

Isaac Kwon – synthetic lifeform, future son of the Vision, but raised by Time Travelling anomaly fixer named Mender Lake.
  • Powers: Various Invented Devices, Duplication (into 2 total), Palm-mounted Laser Blasts, Phase Control (metallic form and ghost form), Datalink, Temporal Movement.
  • Skills: Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Unique (but non-volunteered) information about the future and past, Computer Use
  • Player: Mandi NPC currently

Vivica deVillenvue – Aristocratic French Catburglar
  • Powers: Mutant ability to read the thoughts of others, Peak Physical conditioning, Mutant ability to “suggest” things to other people that they will do without question. Mutant ability to shapeshift into female forms (eg any woman, a lioness, a mare, etc.)
  • Devices: Collar of Isis (amplifies shape-shifting powers, mystical focus), Vampiric Whip (drains the willpower of others and makes them vulnerable to suggestion.)
  • Skills: Subterfuge, Thievery and Performance related skills.
  • Player: Chelsea

Third Wave Party Member:

Yiska Benalli – Navajo-born American Mutant and Shaman
  • Powers: Shapeshifting (various animal hybrid forms), Healing, Limited pre-cognative abilities
  • Devices: Shotgun and kevlar body armor.
  • Skills: Various Streetwise and Survival based skills
  • Player: Jeff NPC currently
  • Special Note: This character is a pro-hero registration enforcer now.

Fourth Wave Party Member:

Dean Daniels – Blue-collar guy with an unexpected destiny.
  • Powers: Physical/Energy Absorption in order to amplify the following: Any Stat, Blast, Super Speed, Strike. Ability to call upon the knowledge of heros who have held the mantle of heroic destiny before him.
  • Skills: Various survival and perception related skills.
  • Player: Jason

Main Page

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